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Spring WIDA Testing for Mabton SD

Posted Date: 1/23/24 (12:10 PM)


WIDA Screener & WIDA ACCESS For English Language Learners

The WIDA Screener is used to determine whether a students is eligible to receive English Language Development services. Questions answered during registration determine whether a student should be screened. Eligible students are screened within 10 days of starting school and parents receive notification of the screener results. Students determined to need extra support learning English begin receiving support services from EL-support staff during the regular school day.

Each spring, the WIDA ACCESS assessment is given to students receiving English language development (ELD) services. The purpose of this test is to monitor student's progress. Students that reach proficiency are exited out of the program, but continue to have their progress monitored for two years. Spring 2024 WIDA ACCESS testing window opens January 29 and runs through March 22.


Ulises Olivares, Bilingual Records Clerk/Translator/Home Visitor